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Pizzicato Five 6 Albums

Pizzicato Five – Playboy & Playgirl

Pizzicato Five – Happy End of You

Pizzicato Five – Happy End of the World

Pizzicato Five – By Her Majesty Request

Pizzicato Five – Soft Landing on the Moon

Pizzicato Five – Bellisima!


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Bird – Bird

  1. intro ~bird’s nest~
  2. SOULS (Main)
  3. Sora no Hitomi (空の瞳)
  4. Kimi no Oto ga Kikoeru Basho e (君の音が聴こえる場所へ)
  5. deep breath
  6. REALIZE (Main)
  7. Puzzle (パズル)
  8. rainterlude
  9. Ame no Yasashisa wo (雨の優しさを)
  10. BEATS (Original)
  11. Michiteyuku Kuchibiru (Album Swing Mix) (満ちてゆく唇)
  12. Yakusoku (約束; Promise)
  13. outro ~greetings from murphy~

Bird – Mindtravel

  1. Mindtravel (マインドトラベル)
  2. Mermaid 3000 (マインドトラベル)
  3. daydream
  4. Oasis (Album version) (オアシス)
  5. 4PM
  6. Kore ga Watashi no Yasashisa desu (ft. Twigy) (これが私の優しさです; This is my Kindness)
  7. CLAY
  8. Futari no Yoake (二人の夜明け)
  9. GAME (Album version)
  10. late summer breeze
  11. 9(ku)gatsu no Omoi (9月の想い)
  12. Sakura (桜)

Bird – Oasis (single with remixes)

  1. Oasis (オアシス)
  2. Arekara (あれから)
  3. Oasis (Hokudaichu version)
  4. Oasis (Organic)

Bird – Game (single) unfortunately, this one is incomplete 😦

  1. GAME (Single Edit)
  2. GAME (MJ Cole Remix)
  3. GAME (Jazztronik Triple Headz Remix)
  4. Sora no Hitomi (Meets The Blue Beat)
  5. What’s Going On (Live @ Blitz)

Bird – Life (Mondo Grosso ft. bird)


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Have you ever heard the hot compilation by various Japanese jazz artists titled Japan Nu-School of Jazz 2: Rebirth of Jazz, especially song titled “Palette”? You can spot a nu jazz-based band featuring piano, bass, sampler, and more for electro, Latin, and street jazz crossovers, indigo jam unit. The quartet are: 樽栄嘉哉 on keyboard, 笹井克彦 on double bass, 和佐野功 on percussion drum, and 清水勇博 on drum. This quartet can command the piano, drums, double bass and percussion and combine them into one great harmonious effect on all tracks! Both the pianist [樽栄嘉哉] and the double bassist’s [笹井克彦] distinctive style and energy add to the attraction. If you love nu sound of jazz created by talented artists, such as Jazztronik, Kyoto Jazz Massive, quasimode, or FreeTEMPO, you’ll love to heard the musical creativity of indigo jam unit.

2×2 (2005)

Artist: indigo jam unit
Title: 2×2
Release Date: 13/12/2005
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi/Funk
LABEL: Basis Records
QUALiTY: VBR 160-320kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

1. Sakura
2. Car Chase
3. Ibuki
4. Charlie
5. Alert
6. Gekko
7. Spin A Top
8. 2×2.
9. 5 AM

Album Review:
A killer combo from Japan — a club jazz unit that mixes warm, round bass with hard-hitting piano — all held together nicely with two drummers on the bottom, and some very crisp production! The sound is totally great — a stripped-down take on the mix of modal and soul jazz styles that have been coming from some of the Japanese and European club jazz groups of late — and without any horns to get in the way, there’s an added focus on the acoustic bass and heavy drums, which makes for a nicely funky sound overall! These guys are totally great — way better than the “jam unit” name might make you think — steeped in classic jazz roots, but coming across with a very fresh, very contemporary groove. Titles include “Car Chase”, “Ibuki”, “Charlie”, “Alert”, “Gekko”, “Spin A Top”, “2 X 2”, and “5AM”.


demonstration (2006)
Artist: indigo jam unit
Title: demonstration
Release Date: 8/2/2006
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi/Funk
LABEL: Basis Records
QUALiTY: VBR 160-320kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

1. Giant Swing
2. Scene/Cartaincall
3. Kaika
4. Palette
5. Snow
6. Back Shot
7. 7th Feeling
8. Teardrop
9. The Empty Screen

Album Review:
Fat funky bass, hard-swinging piano, and some very tight drums — all served up by a Japanese combo who definitely live up to their name! Indigo Jam Unit have a groove that’s totally great — an approach to jazz that’s steeped in soul jazz modes of the 60s and 70s, but with drums and bass that clearly have an ear for the hip hop generation — not that they’re actually hip hop samples or beats, but just the sort of crispy, well-timed rhythms that are waiting to be copped by a producer! Most tunes here are upbeat, and either in a modal jazz or funky jazz style — and titles include “Giant Swing”, “Scene Cartaincall”, “Palette”, “Snow”, “Back Shot”, “7th Feeling”, and “The Empty Screen”.


REALism (2007)

Artist: indigo jam unit
Title: REALism
Release Date: 5/12/2006
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi/Funk
LABEL: Basis Records
QUALiTY: VBR 160-320kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

1. Adrenaline
2. Switch
3. Hyo-Ten
4. Matador
5. Buffalo
6. Ren
7. Tsui So
8. Sphinx
9. Leon

Album Review:
Tremendously heavy grooves from this wonderful Japanese combo — a jazzy outfit that leads with some amazing acoustic basslines, then follows them up with romping piano and some very heavy drums! This special 2-disc set features the Indigo Jam Unit in both audio and visual formats — the audio one a great full length set that more than lives up to the quality of their previous albums — and the DVD features some great video footage of the combo! The sound here is wonderful — a sound that’s even fresher than some of the other Japanese club jazz of late, with a groove that’s almost more contemporary than classic — yet which still has all the warmth of an older jazz release. The group’s sporting two drummers on this outing — which gives the piano and bass an extra level of energy — on titles that include “Adrenaline”, “Switch”, “Hyo Ten”, “Matador”, “Buffalo”, “Ren”, “Sphinx”, and “Leon”.


all thanks to rieqx_slimshady

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Jafrosax (2004)

Artist: Jafrosax
Title: Jafrosax
Release Date: 24/3/2004
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi
LABEL: Universal Records (Japan)
QUALiTY: CBR 192kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Drawn 2U feat. YUKIMI NAGANO
02. In The Morning feat. Vikter Duplaix
03. Going to the sky feat. LISA
04. New Standard Of The Future
05. Rollin’ feat. Nokko
06. ?·?·? feat. GAGLE
07. Wait & See feat. Yukimi Nagano
08. Hi-Tech Jazz
09. Just Like A Tiger’s Eye feat. Sana
10. Free
11. Room In Your Heart feat. Sonya Rogers


Jafrosax 2 (2005)

Artist: Jafrosax
Title: Jafrosax 3
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi
LABEL: Universal Records (Japan)
QUALiTY: CBR 160kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Free No.2
02. Easy That Would Be
03. Float In Afternoon
04. Find A Way
05. You Walk Your Way
06. Chain Of Joy
07. Swimming In Exstacy
08. Sepia Rose
09. Free Floating
10. I Remenber When
12. ?????????
14. Sweet music


Jafrosax 3 (2006)

Artist: Jafrosax
Title: Jafrosax 3
Release Date: 8/11/2006
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi
LABEL: Universal Records (Japan)
QUALiTY: CBR 192kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Rebirth~intro~
02. Fleeting Inspiration
03. Identity
04. Heads In Space
05. Sinra
06. Just In Time
07. Make Up Your Mind
08. In The Loop
09. We are
10. Society
11. Tapestry
12. Exposure ~Blow Your Mind~
13. Rebirth


New Standard of the Future (2006)

Artist: Jafrosax
Title: New Standard of the Future
Release Year: 2006
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi
LABEL: Universal Records (Japan)
QUALiTY: VBR 192kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. In The Morning feat. Vikter Duplaix
02. Wait And See feat. Yukimi Nagano
03. New Standard Of The Future
04. Hi Tech Jazz
05. Free
06. Room In Your Heart feat. Sonya Rogers
07. Going To The Sky feat. Lisa
08. Drawn 2 U
09. Rollin feat. Nokko
10. Shin Ku Kan
11. Drawn 2 U (Studio Apartament Remix)
12. In The Morning (Orto Remix)


Jafrosax 4 (2007)

Artist: Jafrosax
Title: Jafrosax 4
Release Date: 14/3/2007
Genre: Nu-Jazz/Lo-Fi
LABEL: Universal Records (Japan)
QUALiTY: CBR 192kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Speak your Tongue
02. GROW
03. Shooting Star
04. Peaceful Glance
05. Long Night
07. Breathe
08. LN
09. Sunny Day
10. Fantasia
11. Limit of the sky
12. This Is…


all thanks to rieqx_slimshady

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Naoki Kenji 3 Albums

Naoki Kenji: Denshi Ongaku (2002) | CBR@128Kbps

01 Ongaku (4:04)
02 Poetry In Motion (5:13)
03 Into Blue (4:21)
04 Samishi (4:15)
05 Mother Nature (5:29)
06 The Island (5:13)
07 Game Warrior (4:21)
08 Asian Reprise (2:24)
09 F.R.A. (3:59)
10 Denshi Spirit (5:43)
11 Liquid Pure (3:04)
12 My Destiny (3:48)
13 Jelements (4:40)
14 My Destiny RMX (5:48)


Naoki Kenji: Versatile (2006) | CBR@320Kbps

Versatile. A title that can be interpreted in as many ways as the artist himself, or in fact the eleven new productions on the disc: free and unfettered, constantly transforming, for every kind of moment and fielding a wide range of talents.Once again Kenji has accomplished the volte face of keying into his Asiatic musical backbone while simultaneously osmosing western influences and distilling the whole into his own unmistakable musical style. With sophisticated compositions and surehand keyboards, with no vulgar sampling orgies or casting around for the next best loop, and free of the typical sultry clutter of MOR-lounge-muzak. The opening instrumental, “La Musique Japonaise” sets the agenda, with noticeable influences from YMO and Sakamoto oozing sweetly from every pore, complete with bass accents, subliminal pad sequences and caressing melodies.The real secret behind Naoki? Allowing artificial sounds to reach out into bright natural light. Whether in the hypnotically far Eastern ambiency of “Haru”, or in “Oshistuki” – a soft jazzy dreamcatcher that gently echoes away -, or as a fresh Balearic breeze like the one that rustles past us in “Rain On”. And yet: apart from his multifaceted lounge structures.A special earmark is destined for the album highlights “Let It Flow” and “Bedtime”, both penned with the finest of pop instincts.A delicate piano cascade here, soulfully interlaced guitar sounds there, surrounded by scented etheric scapesounds and a strong whiff of jazz – once again Kenji has drawn on every inch of the talent he has honed to perfection over the last 10 years.

01. La Musique Japonaise
02. Haru
03. Let It Flow (jazz mix)
04. Ashita No Taiyo
05. Bedtime
06. Tsunami
07. Oshitsuki
08. Rain On
09. Mainichi pia
10. Seaside club
11. Endless

42866 KB

Naoki Kenji: Less Ordinary (2008) | VBR@192-320Kbps

After a 2 Year period of pause Naoki Kenji is presenting his 7th Longplayer named ‘Less ordinary’. This CD contains more vocal features as previous releases of german-japanese soundgenius. On this album again he has invited several vocal guests such as front lady Pat Appleton (De-Phazz) on the track ‘Modern Unreal’, or the well known Nu-Jazz Formation ‘Jazzamor’. Beside this, Kenji did 2 songs with the known producer/songwriter Torsten Stenzel – -Tonight- and -Into the deep Sea’.Beside the wellknown chillout sounds you`ll find also some deephouse flavored tracks next to ambient tunes. Summer inspiring timeless album!

01. Less Ordinary (06:14)
02. Yume No Youni 05:43
03. Tonight (with Asheni) (03:55)
04. Waved (04:56)
05. Don’t Know The Words (04:38)
06. Lost (05:56)
07. Into The Deep Sea (04:49)
08. Modern Unreal (with Pat Appleton) (05:37)
09. Sunset Beach Club (05:25)
10. Aijo Ga Nakunatta (with Jazzamor) (04:11)
11. Area Unexplored (with Climatic) (05:52)


all thanks to rieqx_slimshady

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Ga banyak artis yg sangat peduli terhadap musik leluhurnya, sukunya, dan negaranya, seperti Viky. Album Toba Dreamnya mencengangkan, dan dapat tanggapan luar biasa positif dari luar negeri. Tapi ironisnya, di dalam negeri, terutama bagi suku batak sendiri, sebagian dari mereka malah menganggap Viky mencemarkan musik tradisional.syukurlah akhirnya mereka bisa mengerti dan menerima kemasan baru dari musik tradisional batak ala Viky. Di Java Jazz kemaren gw sempat ngobrol panjang lebar sama Viky. Gw nanyain soal ini, dan dia bilang, dia cuma pengen supaya musik tradisional itu bisa diterima lebih banyak kalangan. Dia mau ngebuktiin kalo musik tradisional tidak pernah ketinggalan jaman, malah bisa kolaborasi dgn musik2 lainnya sesuai dengan perkembangan jaman. Disisi lain, kata Viky, dia merasa masih banyak musik indonesia yang belum terjamah.

Di album ini Viky memperluas wawasannya. Kalau dulu dia hanya menampilkan tradisional batak, kali ini dia menjamah musik2 jawa, sunda dan lain2. Ga tanggung2, Viky ngajak bbrp seniman untuk kolaborasi. Ada Sujiwo Tejo, Kiki Dudung, Asep Natamiharja dll, juga ada penyanyi2 yang ikut tampil, spt Ani Sukmawati, Lea Simanjuntak, Tio Fanta dan Korem Sihombing. Diluar nama2 indo, ada musisi perancis Phillipe Ciminato yang emang demen dgn musik2 etnis kita.

Ketika banyak musisi tampil ngepop, tunduk pada pasar, Viky justru memilih untuk mengedepankan idealismenya, tampil apik di dunia yang bagi banyak orang dan produser ini adalah dunia “cari mati”. Indonesia harus bangga punya musisi seperti Viky.

So.. let’s explore the indonesian beauty in sound.. enjoy!

Es Lilin
Sing Sing So
Ngarep Gestung Api Bas Lau
Dara Muluk
Mardahan Ahu
Horas Banyuwangi
Bubuy Bulan
Journey To Bali
Suara Suling
Indonesia Pusaka

link and review by blackmamba 

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Once upon a time, there was a guy with trumpet, a naked girl covered in whipped cream, and a bunch of songs that directly became American classics.

Herb Alpert, bulan April 1965 ngeluarin album Whipped Cream and Other Delights, album fenomenal yang jadi instant classic dan nempel di charts sampai 189 minggu (!).

Waktu terus berjalan, album klasik ini bagi kebanyakan orang seolah terlupakan. 40 tahun kemudian, album ini dibangkitkan lagi, dengan cara elegan. Loh? disini uniknya. Bayangin, satu album komplit diobok2 rame2 oleh artis2 nu jazz masa kini. Thievery Corporation, Medeski Martin & Wood, John King, Mocean Worker, DJ Foosh, Camara Kambon, Anthony Marinelli and Ozomatli adalah oknum2 yang bertanggungjawab dalam kebangkitan album ini di era millenium.

Kalo satu lagu di remix itu biasa, album kompilasi remix itu biasa, gimana kalo satu album pol lahir lagi dan reinkarnasi dlm versi remix? nah ini yg luar biasa. Mana keroyokan lagi.. lagu2 klasik dari album klasik diremix, dgn groove asik, beat asik dan sangat inovatif.. keren banget, dan bener2 unik. (sampai2 cewe yg di cover jg reinkarnasi…. beda generasi tapi tetep kebungkus whipped cream bagian2 vitalnya wkwkwkwkw )

Buat yg demen jazz nge-beat, nu jazz lovers, remix, fansnya Herb Alpert, yg pengen dengerin album unik, ini dia mainan yg gw tempelin logo wajib.. enjoy!

album originalnya yg super vintage bakal gw naikin jg besok2… biar bisa ngebandingin ntar. stay tune!

1. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Whipped Cream (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli Feat. Ozomatli) (4:04)
2. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – A Taste Of Honey (Remixed By John King) (3:03)
3. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Green Peppers (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli) (4:45)
4. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Ladyfingers (Remixed By Camara Kambon) (4:23)
5. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Love Potion No.9 (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli) (3:44)
6. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Peanuts (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli) (3:52)
7. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Tangerine (Remixed By Dj Foosh And Thomas Foyer) (4:02)
8. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – El Garbanzo (Remixed By Medeski Martin And Wood) (3:05)
9. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Lemon Tree (Remixed By Thievery Corporation) (3:41)
10. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Lollipops And Roses (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli) (3:14)
11. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Bittersweet Samba (Remixed By Mocean Worker) (2:48)
12. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass – Butterball (Remixed By Anthony Marinelli) (6:17)

link and review by blackmamba

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NU JAZZ (again!)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Aicube Music Presents: Beautiful Field
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2007.11.28
Genre: Nu Jazz / Hip Hop / Piano / Electronica
LABEL: Aicube
QUALiTY: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo (bening euy!)

01 ayur – children of the earth (ness’s original re-edit)
02 jetbeat – dreams
03 channel two – jazz move
04 solime – dazzling sun
05 quasar – love theme from spartacus
06 five deez – sexual for elizabeth ft. shing02 (instrumental)
07 ben human – scott air (travelling light mix)
08 tranquility bass – cantamilla
09 lava – vem para ficar ft. wilma de
10 ayur – i miss you
11 little west – mugen eternal (udk remix)
12 peppermill – cathodical mirror of human beings
13 quasar – bird’s element
14 suburban – suburban (love2)


link and review by rieqx_slimshady

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(again! downbeat with lounge ambience)
ZIMPALA, two talented French DJs, under the names of speakers and BNX WALTERS. They – the framers of the new avant-garde sound, a kind of club music – ZIMPALA MONDO MUSIC: striking exotic mixture of live music, jazz, funk, exotica & cinematic music, spiced with electronics. “BREEZE IS BLACK” – the second album, kills its eclectic Zanoun, in the
which harmoniously combines different musical traditions, one of the most impressive electronic works in 2004.
ZIMPALA, one of the best not only in France but throughout the world-fusion dance groups. Invented two dizzying di-Hampton, the project gradually enriched by living musicians and singer-beauty, brunettes named Noemi. The second (and last to date) Album group much more sincerely-erotic girlish vocals and, in general, what can be called “songs”, but not at the expense of corporate ZIMPALA execution.


Artist: Zimpala
Title: The Breeze is Black
Year Of Release: 04 Apr 2003
Label: Platinum Records
Genre: Nu Jazz/Lounge/Downtempo/Dub
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: VBR kbit/s / 44.1 Khz

1 Sugar (4:10)
2 The Breeze Is Black (6:27)
3 Can’t Fall Asleep (4:54)
4 Adios (4:32)
5 Ovni (3:17)
6 Kove (3:55)
7 Tomba (4:21)
8 Kush! (6:48)
9 Mismo + Silencio! (11:19)
10 Crazy Girl (3:34)


link and review by rieqx_slimshady

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Kuniyuki Takahashi is a sound designer and producer who is based and works in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. In 1994, he started his solo musical career. In 1997, as FRR HIVE, he released a mini album which was released on CD and 12INCH from the BASSMENTAL label. And in 1998, he had been participated in the RAINBOW 2000 outdoor festival in Japan, as a member of HOSONO HARUOMI(YMO) group.
In 2000, as Kuni, he released a track which was included on Dego of 4 Hero’s, 2000 BLACK label called “THE GOOD GOOD” compilation. In 2001, as KOSS, he has released his full-length album out of soundofspeed and as Kuni, he released a12inch EP from Lifeline Records.
Kuni also remixed ANANDA PROJECT’s track, “Cascades of Colour”, which was included in the Ananda Project Remix Album titled, Re-Release out of King Street Sounds. In 2002, as Kuniyuki, he just released a 12inch EP called “Precious Hall”, out of Natural Resource, a division of Joe Claussell’s Spiritual Life Music label. As KOSS, he released his 1st LIVE album CD through soundofspeed.
He is no doubt one of Japan’s best kept secrets. International DJ’s such as Joe Claussell, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels. He has also been working closely with the soundofspeed crew over the past few years and releasing hisworks on their own label and performing live with them in their famed parties which are held regularly in Tokyo and sometimes in parties such as the Big Chill and in excursions to Austria and Europe. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo, Kuniyuki Takahashi!

Artist: Kuniyuki Takahashi
Title: All These Things
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2007.11.24
Genre: Future Jazz / Ambient / Electronica
LABEL: Mule Musiq Distribution
QUALiTY: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo (bening euuuy!)

01. My Dear Friend [03:35]
02. The Guitar Song [08:13]
03. The Session Kuniyuki Piano Mix [07:07]
04. A Dear African Sky [11:02]
05. One Round [05:52]
06. You Get Me [05:59]
07. Free [06:12]
08. Flying Music [06:35]
09. Think Of You [05:15]
10. Touch [06:50]
11. All These Things [11:14]


link and review by rieqx_slimshady

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