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Title: oneself-LIKENESS
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2006-06-28
Genre: Nu Jazz / Latin
LABEL: Inpartmaint
QUALiTY: CBR 256Kbps / 44,1kHz / joint-stereo

01. Catch the fact – intro
02. Down in the village
03. Giant Black Shadow
04. 1000 days for spirit
05. Lucky Luciano
06. Ipe Amarelo
07. Skelton Coast
08. Feelin’ Green
09. oneself – LIKENESS
10. Catch the fact – outro

After an incredible single on the swedish Raw Fusion, the winner japenese jazz band Quasimode’s debut LP has just landed on Inpartmaint in Japan. oneself-LIKENESS is a fantastic album full of strong jazz compositions and stunningly fresh vibes. The style of the whole album is closer to the more composed and defined sound of stylish club or traditional jazz with a bit of latin touch then to the much-improvised freaky new japan jazz. This relative peacefulness and control provide the main essence and power of this full-length while showing how perfect acoustic jazz can sound today in Tokyo. Highlights of the album are the killer cover of Tubby Hayes’ ‘Down in the village’, the brazil influenced epic ‘Ipe Amarelo’, the spiritual and groovy ‘Skelton Coast’ and the deep and fluid title song ‘oneself-LIKENESS ‘. Each tune represents high quality and pure listening bliss, the only thing i miss is more of these awesome songs. Cant wait to see Quasimode playing live and this LP to be released worldwide. Raw Fusion will put out ‘Ipe Amarelo’ with a Spiritual South remix in the autumn. Japenese jazz is coming stronger than ever!


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